Archie & Maebelle {Boracay Engagement}


Location: Boracay, Philippines

How Many Hearts Can You Give For This Lovely Couple?
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8 Responses to Archie & Maebelle {Boracay Engagement}

  1. Archie Santos Aranguin says:

    thanks master….

  2. Reygeline Paraz Villarin says:

    super nice

  3. Maebelle Paraz Miana says:

    super like! tnx much Jon Jamora… 🙂

  4. Maebelle Paraz Miana says:

    lamats ter..naa ko itx nko…

  5. Yen Cj says:

    romantically nice…

  6. Meflor Arcilla Aranguin says:

    wow…nice ayo oi….^_^

  7. Love Paraz Tuga says:

    Wow very nice…

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