x.love Cebu {Wedding Photography Seminar By Ryan Ortega}


Seminar by: Ryan Ortega
Bouquet: Vatel Manila
Bridal Gown: Cecilio Abad
MUA: Cielo Montesclaros Diamante
Video: Notion In Motion
Location: The Henry Hotel, Cebu City

Couple: Ced & Kritie

The Best Weekend and One of the Best experience of my photography career!

Last Aug. 31 – Sept. 1, I had the opportunity to be a part of team x.love Cebu by  no other than, the worldwide extraordinary wedding photographer, Ryan Ortega. He’s the main reason why ratedlove was born but I doubt that he knows about it. hahaha…  Anyway, going back to the workshop, well it was way beyond my expectations that I’m out of words to describe it. Aside from helping out ryan and learning lots of stuff from the workshop, what made it more exciting is that I was rubbing elbows with wedding photographers both pros and newbies from all over the country. It was a superb experience. I gained new helpful knowledge to pursue my favorite hobby and gained new friends and, hopefully, these photos will speak for itself. Enjoy!

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Day 1

ratedlove-3522ratedlove-3512ratedlove-3233ratedlove-3314ratedlove-3236ratedlove-3245ratedlove-3256Leo Nicolas of Notion In Motionratedlove-3265One Of Our Guest Speaker, Gideon Hermosaratedlove-3294ratedlove-3345ratedlove-3375ratedlove-3451ratedlove-3488ratedlove-3456ratedlove-3480ratedlove-3485ratedlove-3510 ratedlove-3526ratedlove-3555ratedlove-3564ratedlove-3608ratedlove-3615ratedlove-3582ratedlove-3634ratedlove-3650ratedlove-3704ratedlove-3719

Day 2ratedlove-3764ratedlove-3779Stylist:  Lil’ Gwen’s Corner(Cebu)ratedlove-3788ratedlove-3803ratedlove-3813ratedlove-3822ratedlove-3830ratedlove-3839One Of Vatel Manila’s Masterpiece

ratedlove-3862ratedlove-3914ratedlove-3921ratedlove-3931ratedlove-3936A Cecilio Abad Wedding Gownratedlove-4004ratedlove-3999ratedlove-4010ratedlove-4047ratedlove-4050ratedlove-4031ratedlove-4053ratedlove-4070ratedlove-4091ratedlove-4102ratedlove-4126ratedlove-4161ratedlove-4183ratedlove-4190ratedlove-4200ratedlove-4214ratedlove-4203

You can also check Ryan Ortega’s official website and Jeff Garban of greenandpurplephotos for more stories and photos about the workshop.

8 Responses to x.love Cebu {Wedding Photography Seminar By Ryan Ortega}

  1. Fadela Medel Flordeliza says:

    Hi! Do you still have another photography seminar sometime on December?

  2. he'll be having a seminar in CDO this coming november po.

  3. Fadela Medel Flordeliza says:

    What date on November? Maybe I could still catch up.

  4. Fadela Medel Flordeliza : no exact date yet, but we'll keep you posted.

  5. Jeff Garban says:

    Ahhh, I will add this link on my blog Bai ha 🙂

  6. oi, thanks bai.. add nako imong blog pd bai ha..

  7. Pj Geonzon says:

    🙂 Will blog this soon!

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